We, the Amalgamated Transit Union, this day and date assembled in Convention, in order to secure and defend our rights, advance our interests as workers, create an authority whose seal shall constitute a certificate of character, intelligence and skill, build up an organization where all the working members of our craft can participate in the discussion of those practical problems upon the solution of which depends our welfare and prosperity, to encourage the principle and practice of conciliation and arbitration in the settlement of all differences between labor and capital, establish order and harmony, promote the general cause of humanity and brotherly love, and secure the blessings of friendship, equality and truth, do ordain and establish this Constitution and these Laws for the government of said International Union.


Remembrance Day 2016

The Officers of ATU Local 583 would like to sincerely extend their gratitude to the men and women who gave their lives so we could experience freedom in Canada today. On Remembrance Day, November 11th, 2016 please join us in taking a moment in silence at 11:00 am to remember their service and sacrifice.

ATU Local 583
News and Views Express August 2016


We would like to bring the membership up to date on the Zero Based Review process affecting the Outside Maintenance area.

On June 20, 2016 City Council voted to accept Administration’s response to the Consultant’s recommendations which included not to contract out the Service Lanes and to continue finding the lowest cost alternative for the Outside Maintenance area. As well, an amendment was put forward at Council for all the stakeholders to meet and see if we could find the savings that the Consultant thought they would achieve by contracting out the Outside Maintenance area. We would like to thank all of our members that took the time to show up in Council Chambers on June 20, 2016.

ATU Local 583
News and Views Express May 2016

The Local’s new Bylaws have been approved by the International Union after the Membership supported them in January of this year. Along with most of the non-controversial changes came an opportunity to place new Shop Stewards and to replace Stewards who are not currently able to represent the members in the work area they were elected to represent. If you are interested in any of the new positions or the current vacancies, please express your interest to the Union office for Executive Board review. Also, you may pick up a copy of the new Bylaws at the Union office, in the Sign Up room or find them online at atu583.com.

ATU Local 583
News and Views Express April 2016


The Government of Alberta has stopped sending out driver’s license renewal notices. Please be diligent in checking your license to see if it is valid on or before your birthday. So many Local 583 members rely on their license to do their job and it has become a huge hardship when their license is not renewed. The Government now offers an email reminder service, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the license holder to renew their license. Arbitral law has a minimum two week suspension for those members who forget to renew before operating a Transit vehicle.                            

ATU Local 583
News and Views Express February 2016


Supervisors can call Operators in to discuss whether they have paid multi-nova and red light camera tickets. This is just a reminder to everyone that if you receive a ticket, you have to provide either proof of payment or withdrawal of the ticket.  This must

happen within fourteen days of the due date on the ticket. This proof must be presented to your Supervisor. This requirement is outlined in Letter of Understanding #18 in the Collective Agreement. If you need further clarification please call the Union office. Members should consider how Transit will choose to address the ticket through the discipline process; the timeline will be adjusted to reflect the date of the discipline letter and not the date of the ticket. This is something to keep in mind when contesting the ticket. Going to court will take months and may cause discipline timelines to be extensive.

ATU Local 583


The Local has been gifted with an unusual document of significant historical value. Through Chuck Von, a Supervisor, we were put in touch with a past President’s son who  gave us his father’s original sign up certificate from 1928. Robert Rintoul joined ATU Local 583 as a painter’s helper in the streetcar shop and over time rose through the Union to become President in 1947. He went on to serve in Provincial and National labour organizations in leadership roles. The Local has framed the certificate and it’s currently on display in the hall, recognizing the deep roots this Local has in the history of the labour movement. Thanks to Mr. Rintoul for his gift and to Chuck for his assistance in acquiring it.

11/11/2015 - Remembrance Day

The Table Officers of ATU Local 583 would like to take this opportunity to extend their gratitude to our nation's veterans and to remind our members to take a moment at 11:00 am Wednesday November 11th to remember the women and men that gave their lives so that we could live with freedom in Canada today.

ATU Local 583



ATU Local 583’s Assault Awareness Campaign entitled “Easy Rider” is underway. The origin of the “Easy Rider” expression can be dated back to the late 1800’s when the term was used to mean “a horse that was easy to ride”. The name was further immortalized in the iconic 1969 film.

Scout Communications presented their proposed strategy to launch our campaign in September 2014. The plan started with Local 583 members participating in focus groups to explore the issue of Transit Operator safety and investigate opportunities to use marketing and communication strategies to deter these negative interactions. The results were tabulated recognizing some key findings, such as: the majority of assaults are over fare disputes, there is an interest in more de-escalation training, and management is expected to show zero tolerance for assaults and make Operators feel supported. This was followed by a telephone omnibus survey in February of this year. The survey yielded some of the following observations: one in four Calgarians had read, seen or heard something in the media about Operator abuse and one in ten had witnessed abuse first hand.
The full strategy was to take a three-pronged approach: developing the advertising campaign, developing the media plan/kit and to approach and work with the City collaboratively to address the issues.


ATU Local 583


To all members, you may have noticed that the Newsletters were delivered in a format that was difficult to read, this has been addressed,

We would like to apologize that, and  for the multiple emails that you may have received ,

Not all members received the past Newsletters, these are all available on the Union Website WWW.ATU583.COM

Thank you for your patience

Please remember if you are sick the day before or after a Statutory Holiday that a doctor’s note is required in order for you to receive “stat” pay for the day. Further to this, you must see a doctor within 7 days of your absence. There can often be complications surrounding an absence on a Statutory Holiday so please call the Union office for additional advice. If the “stat” is worked, no note is required.


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